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    Hi all,
    We released Cloudron 4.4. See the blog for screenshots and more info.

    • Show swap info in graphs
    • User avatars are now customizable (click on the profile photo icon). This removes the use of gravatar for privacy reasons.
    • import: add option to import app in-place
    • import: add option to import app from arbitrary backup config
    • Show download progress for rsync backups
    • acme2: Implement post-as-get
    • AWS Marketplace image
    • Stopped apps are be auto-updated anymore (since they won't run migration scripts).
    • eventlog: track support ticket creation and remote support status
    • cloudflare: support API tokens
    • Add search field in apps view (this only appears if you have many apps)
    • Make app view tags and domain filter persistent across browser refresh
    • Add timezone UI. We used to auto detect this but clearly it's imperfect, so we have decided to expose it. This allows you to precisely configure when backup and update tasks get scheduled.
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