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Owner/Admin migration in Cloudron 5

  • Staff

    Cloudron 5 has user roles. There are owners and admins. The distinction is primarily that we assume owners have SSH access and admins do not. With this in mind, some features naturally split between them. Only owners can setup a subscription, configure backups, and setup branding. You can also think of this as a way for service providers/IT providers (who are now owners) to give out Cloudrons to customers (who can be admins). An owner can then setup a Cloudron how they want it (branding and backups) and give it out to someone else.

    Cloudron needs atleast 1 owner. What we have done is that we have take the "earliest" create admin user and made him an owner. In most cases, this works out but it can incorrectly assign someone else as the owner. For example, you set it up for someone else and you added yourself later.

    To fix this:

    1. SSH into the server
    2. cloudron-support --admin-login (yes, poorly named). This will give you temporary credentials to login as the owner.
    3. Login as owner in the dashboard and make yourself the owner in the Users page.
    4. On the server, rm /home/yellowtent/platformdata/cloudron_ghost.json.
    5. If required, you can now change the previous owner as an admin by logging in as yourself.

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