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Hardware for lots of apps

  • Hi folks,

    For my project. I want to give each teacher a Rocketchat app. The idea is for the entire class to discuss stuff and do group video calls.

    So far, I have one big beefy machine with 16 core and 128 GB Ram, and 20 TB bandwidth.

    Question is how should I chop Ram and CPU usage per app? Just want to get an idea, on how many apps , I can fit in a machine like the above.

    Instead of using Jitsi. I want to use the built in webrtc meet in rocketchat.

    Many thanks for your advice.


  • Staff

    The answer depends on how many students are there in a class. mongo db also needs to be scaled up according to the number of instances you install. I don't have a specific recommendation but I would put atleast 2GB per app install. From what I have seen, rocketchat is not that CPU intensive, so 16 core should be OK for ~10-15 installs.

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