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Bookstack - Package updates

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    You can use this thread to track updates to the Bookstack package.

    Please open issues in a separate topic instead of replying here.

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    Pushed on update to Bookstack 0.29.1

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    Pushed a security update to Bookstack 0.29.2

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    • Update Bookstack to 0.29.3
    • Full changelog
    • Security fix - this release addresses issue #2111 where the name of a restricted book could be viewed by non-authorised users when the book was on a shelf, and the shelves were viewed in "List View"
    • Move apache out of port 80 (so it doesn't need root perms)
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    • Fix tags
    • Update postinstall
    • Add forumUrl
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    • Update Bookstack to 0.30.0
    • Full changelog
    • Security Notice - Possible Privilege Escalation
    • Added API endpoints for chapters.
    • Added audit log to the settings area. (#2173, #1167)
    • Added the ability to insert an attachment link directly into the current editor window. (#1460)
    • Added session-based code-block editor auto-save to prevent potential loss of content. (#1398)
    • Added warning wording around role system permissions to indicate what permissions could allow privilege escalation. (#2105)
    • Added the ability to log login failures to a file. Thanks to @benrubson. (#1881, #728)
    • Updated Simplified Chinese translations. Thanks to @Honvid. (#2157)
    • Updated WYSIWYG editor css to put editor in it's own layer to improve degraded dark mode performance. (#2154)
    • Updated Czech translations. Thanks to @jakubboucek. (#2238)
    • Updated permission system so that the permission map table does not contain ID's since database limits could be met in scenarios where permissions were automatically refreshed on a frequent basis. (#2091)
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    • Update Bookstack to 0.30.1
    • Full changelog
    • Updated translations. (#2262)
    • Updated settings header bar to adapt better for longer-text languages. (#2265)
    • Updated callout link formatting to use callout text style rather than theme color. Thanks to @alexmannuk. (#2233, #303)
    • Updated Book export content so that page includes are parsed. Thanks to @mr-vinn. (#2227, #2228)
    • Fixed issue where the markdown editor preview pane would be empty. (#2280)
    • Fixed incorrect spelling of "Ubuntu Mono" font definition. Thanks to @abulgatz. (#2274)
    • Fixed incorrect AddActivityIndexes migration 'down' action. Thanks to @gertjankrol. (#2268)
    • Fixed unexpected scroll bars on code blocks. (#2267)
    • Fixed issue where notification would not shown upon SAML login where there's an existing non-matching user. (#2263)
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    • Update Bookstack to 0.30.2
    • Full changelog
    • Updated JavaScript build system to provide slightly better browser compatibility.
    • Updated page-content save parsing to update anchor references on IDs changed by BookStack. (#2278)
    • Fixed issue where creating a link attachment after mulitple validation failures would result in many duplicate links being created. (#2286)
    • Updated drawing integration to, by default, use instead of (#2285, #2044)
    • Updated default .htaccess to align with laravel's and allow canonical redirects on non-root url app instances. Thanks to @jakubboucek. (#2272)
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    • Update Bookstack to 0.30.3
    • Added VBScript syntax highlighting to the code block editor. Thanks to @nutsflag. (#2302, #2255)
    • Fixed issue where drawings would not save in the Markdown editor. (#2313, #2321)
    • Updated some Spanish and Chinese translations. (#2303)
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