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    You can use this thread to track updates to the Etherpad package.

    Please open issues in a separate topic instead of replying here.

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    We have updated Etherpad now to 1.8.3 and included the colibris modern theme, which allows some per-user customization like dark theme.

    More importantly we have changed the way the app handles admin status. The first user to login now becomes the first admin! Additional admins can be configured in the config file. See detailed info at

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    • Update Etherpad to 1.8.5
    • Full changelog
    • IMPORTANT DROP OF SUPPORT: Drop support for IE. Browsers now need async/await.
    • IMPORTANT SECURITY: Rate limit Commits when env=production
    • SECURITY: Non completed uploads no longer crash Etherpad
    • SECURITY: Log authentication requests
    • FEATURE: Support ES6 (migrate from Uglify-JS to Terser)
    • FEATURE: Improve support for non-cookie enabled browsers
    • FEATURE: New hooks for index.html
    • FEATURE: New script to delete sessions.
    • FEATURE: New setting to allow import withing an author session on a pad
    • FEATURE: Checks Etherpad version on startup and notifies if update is available. Also available in /admin interface.
    • FEATURE: Timeslider updates pad location to most recent edit
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    • Update Etherpad to 1.8.6
    • Full changelog
    • SECURITY: Fix authentication bypass vulnerability
    • API: Update version to 1.2.15
    • FEATURE: Add copyPadWithoutHistory API (#4295)
    • FEATURE: Package more asset files to save http requests (#4286)
    • MINOR: Improve UI when reconnecting
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    • Disable non-sso mode since it's not working