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Firefly III - Package Updates

  • Staff

    You can use this thread to track updates to the Firefly III package.

    Please open issues in a separate topic instead of replying here.

  • Staff

    Pushed packate 1.4.2:

    • Update Firefly III to 5.2.5
    • Some warnings that custom locales may not work on Windows or in Docker images.
    • Issue 3305 User @lguima revamped the left side menu and associated icons.
    • Issue 3307 Editing or creating accounts would automatically give them a location.
    • Issue 3314 Future transactions would not always be visible, even when the daterange should include them.
    • Issue 3318 Cron called over URL would skip auto-budgets.
    • Issue 3321 API for piggy bank funds would create events with the wrong amount.
    • Issue 3330 Transactions not stored at 00:00 would be excluded from some views.

  • Staff


    • Update Firefely III to 5.2.6
    • Full changelog
    • Issue 3049 New transaction triggers for dates.
    • Warning if recurring transactions no longer run.
    • View fixed for recurring transactions.
    • A new rule action that will DELETE transactions.
    • Four-week reminder to check for updates if you disabled updates.

  • Staff


    • Update Firefly III to 5.2.8
    • Full changelog
    • You can remove attachments before you create a transaction.
    • Emails sent by Firefly III have been translated. See the note at the bottom. Thanks to @sephrat
    • New SSL options for LDAP and MySQL. Thanks to @bpatath.
    • Better string pluralization. Thanks to @sephrat
    • Rule trigger for foreign currency ID

  • Staff


    • Update PHP to 7.4 (required for Firefly-III 5.3.0)
    • Add forumUrl to manifest

  • Staff


    • Update Firefly III to 5.3.0
    • Full changelog
    • Piggy banks and bills can be divided over groups. Groups can be sorted on a separate page. This may prove to be useful to organize these objects. The feature
    • will expand to even more objects in the future. Empty groups will be automatically deleted; you can only create groups by editing the objects.
    • You can now add attachments to recurring transactions.
    • You can invalidate other logins, check out the button on the /profile page.
    • It is now possible to search for internal_reference:abc and / or external_id:123.
    • The bill overview has some better sums on the bottom of the page.

  • Staff


    • Update Firefly III to 5.3.2
    • Full changelog
    • Issue 3532 Fix empty validation messages.
    • Profile methods to change email / password were broken.
    • Some integers were not properly cast to strings.
    • Fixed several timezone issues when generated the dashboard account chart.

    NOTE: 5.3.1 skipped because it has an install issue

  • Staff


    • Update Firefly III to 5.3.3
    • Full changelog
    • Issue 3565 Spelling error in API array.
    • Issue 3566 Fix issue in bills chart.
    • Issue 3574 Fix issue with floating number.

  • Staff


    • Update Firefly III to 5.4.1
    • Full changelog
    • Some changes in this release may be backwards incompatible (see changelog above)
    • Known issues
      • 2FA and LDAP will NOT work together.
      • When using the remote authentication features of Firefly III, autocomplete endpoints will fail.
    • A new field for transaction URL's.
    • The ability to sort your accounts as you see fit.
    • Add totals to the budget page.
    • You can select an expense when creating a transaction.
    • Meta data and UI changes to count recurring transactions.
    • Ability to add tags in the mass editor, not just replace them.
    • A warning when split transactions may be changed by Firefly III.
    • Fixed transfers not showing the right +/- sign, by @sephrat
    • Create a recurring transaction from a single transaction.
    • Add a message on the bottom of the transaction screen so you see any errors.

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