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  • I intend to import data from existing RocketChat installation in another server to my Cloudron's RocketChat instance. The preferred way is to use mongodump command to export the data, and mongorestore to restore that data to a new server.

    I don't find a way to import the database backup to the mongo instance. There's a Upload to /tmp option in the console for RocketChat, but I need to upload the database dump to the mongodb container.

    How can I import the existing database to my Cloudron RocketChat instance?

  • Staff

    @nj After you upload the file, you can run the command env | grep CLOUDRON_MONGO in the terminal. This will give you the credentials to access the mongodb container from the app. Is that what you are looking for? I assume it's just a matter of running mongorestore command with the credentials and the dump file after that.

  • Where do I run the mongorestore command from? The RocketChat instance does not have mongorestore available. I cannot access the shell of Cloudron's mongo addon instance to upload the dump & run the mongorestore command.

  • Staff

    @nj Indeed, this is a bug in the package. It seems we forgot the mongo-tools package in the latest image 2.0.0. I will push an update shortly.

  • Staff

    @nj I have pushed an update, can you please check?

  • So quick! It works, thanks! @girish!

  • I'm running into a different issue here where I'm able to run the mongo shell, but mongorestore can't find the instance.

    This works:


    This doesn't:


    It gives the message:

    Failed: error connecting to db server: server returned error on SASL authentication step: Authentication failed.

    Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? I tried rs.initiate() from inside the shell, but my user doesn't have permissions to run any commands. Can't even do show dbs.


  • Staff

    @kaxline Are you trying this from the web terminal? Can you try this guide - ?

  • @girish Ah yes, sorry. Should've looked. At least maybe this will direct someone to the docs if they end up here again.