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EspoCRM - Package Updates

  • Staff

    You can use this topic to track updates to the EspoCRM package.

    Please open issues in a separate topic instead of replying here.

  • Staff


  • Staff


    • Update EspoCRM to 5.9.1
    • Full changes
    • Mass Email: Not sending if VERP is enabled bug

  • Staff


    • Update EspoCRM to 5.9.2
    • Full changes
    • Roles: Edit view improvements #1707
    • Scheduled jobs: Showing human readable description of the scheduling #1712
    • Scheduled jobs: Validation for scheduling expression #1713
    • Relationship panel: 'Create' button on 'Select' dialog #1724
    • Password recovery: Parameter to prevent email address exposure on recovery form #1728
    • Password recovery: Parameter to disable password recovery for all internal users #1729

  • Staff


    • Update EspoCRM to 5.9.3
    • Full changes
    • Vertical navbar not scrollable in some cases bug
    • Select followers button is not working bug

  • Staff


    • Update EspoCRM to 5.9.4
    • Full changes
    • Formula: Numbers with zero decimal part are parsed as integers bug
    • Markdown: Links inside code blocks displayed incorrectly bug
    • Date field may display values with 1-day shift in some cases bug
    • Formula: Result of dayOfWeek function depends on language set in settings bug
    • Formula: record\count & record\exists do not support usage of a same where key multiple times bug
    • Formula: Using quote characters within comments breaks the script bug

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