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Confluence - Package Updates

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    You can use this thread to track updates to the Confluence package.

    Please open issues in a separate topic instead of replying here.

  • Staff


    • Update Confluence to 7.3.5
    • Use latest base image 2.0.0
    • Full changelog

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    • Update Confluence to 7.4.0
    • Full changelog
    • Inspect permissions and people who can view ignore parents of nested groups
    • Missing atl-token in macro preview request
    • Uploading a malformed Word document and requesting it repeatedly renders Confluence unavailable.
    • External group with a comma or a slash does not work on page restriction
    • Inspect permissions shows incorrect results for mixed-case groups or users
    • Expand/collapse action for page tree child pages references an undefined HREF value.
    • Accessing Rate limiting admin screen is possible with a Server license
    • Impossible to add JIRA pie chart macro when the primary applink of JIRA is not reachable or the Oauth token expired

  • Staff


    • Update Confluence to 7.5.0
    • Release notes
    • Audit like a pro with our new Audit log
    • Bring some colour to your tables
    • Widget connector gets a modern makeover

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