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  • I've searched the forum for a mention of "self destructing email" but haven't found anything. I've use EmailPoubelle in the past. It will create email addresses which last for 15 mins, 1 week, X months. You give it a real email address to forward the mail to. After the period (or manually) the address expires. The UI is a bit confusing, but it works well.

    As I notice people here focus on privacy, minimising personal information being leaked, this would be a useful tool to have.

    It could be configured to one of the subdomains/app domains.

    I'm of course open to other alternatives. This is just one I've used.

  • @ei8fdb said in Self-destructing email address generator:

    I'm of course open to other alternatives.

    it's obviously a poor alternative but for now you could use email such as MainEmail+DayMonth@YourDomain.tld such as
    personally I configured a catchall than sign in every service with an alias like this, so if I receive SPAM on one of these email I know exactly which account leak my email 😉

  • +1 from me 🙂 I currently use a custom domain and spreadsheet... plus lots of manual tracking of email addresses I set up