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Cloudron 5.3 released

  • Staff

    We released Cloudron 5.3 for all now. See the blog for screenshots and more info. Surprisingly, we stuck to most of the features we set out to achieve as we discussed in 🙂


    • NFS/SSHFS/CIFS backends. If you already use these with the filesystem provider, you should consider moving them to the specialized backends. The main advantage is that if the path is not mounted, Cloudron won't backup and will error out.
    • LDAP Groups Synchronization
    • Unaccent extension in PostgreSQL. This was done for Peertube. Unfortunately, Peertube requires more fixes...


    • Optimized dashboard loading (probably no visible change if you have less than 20 apps)
    • There's a new App Store view. It's more compact. We are still updating apps to have the correct SaaS tags for search but the popular ones should work (otherwise, please leave a note below).
    • Onboarding - There's a new view that appears once you finish the Cloudron installation. This shows you information about how user management and email works in Cloudron.
    • Fixed various issues in the Backup cleaner. Most important changes are that the latest backup of stopped apps is preserved (as expected) even if it's not referenced by any box backup. Additionally, if none of the backups lie in the range of the backup policy, the most recent backup among them is still preserved. This ensure we always keep one valid backup.
    • nginx logs - Logs are available in the service view.
    • Better nginx configuration for higher loads - thanks to @msbt for helping us here with this high traffic site
    • S3 API now uses vhost style API - path style is being deprecated by AWS in Sep 2020 - . We have tested this change across all the S3 based providers we support.
    • cloudron-setup script does not require --provider anymore! Updated the install page as well. This is my favorite in this release 🙂 People used to copy/paste those commands and we have received many a support ticket that the command fails (because it used to say ./cloudron-setup --provider [linode|digitalocean|ec2])
    • Cloudron mail server now sets the Auto-Submitted header for bounce emails. This feature allows apps like FreeScout to skip sending an auto-reply.

    Bug fixes

    • Fix issue where PostgreSQL and MySQL addons would timeout when restoring very large backups.
    • Fix crash when redis config was set
    • Update schedule was unselected in the UI
    • mail: make authentication case insensitive
    • Do not count stopped apps for memory use

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