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SOLVED What to do with default admin user after installation?

  • In the bookstack docs, one of the post-install steps says to give the admin user a new email and password (

    I do find the referenced admin user in the bookstack Users, and I can change its email address, but I don't see a way to change its password (nor do I know what its default password may currently be). I installed with "allow all users of this Cloudron" and I don't actually have any such user (named "admin") in my Cloudron, so do I just ignore this?

  • Staff

    @darcyc Yes, correct. In Cloudron, we use the LDAP authentication in BookStack. When LDAP mode is enabled in BookStack, you cannot login as admin anymore. See

    You may find that you cannot log in with your initial Admin account after changing the AUTH_METHOD to ldap.
    To get around this set the AUTH_METHOD to standard, login with your admin account then change it back to
    ldap. You get then edit your profile and add your LDAP uid under the ‘External Authentication ID’ field.
    You will then be able to login in with that ID.

    On Cloudron, the first user will become admin. The roles of rest of the users can be adjusted in BookStack's settings page. I put this info in our docs now -

  • @girish Got it. So as long as I stick with the Cloudron LDAP, all is well. Thanks for the explanation, and also for the update to the docs.