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Calendar: am/pm doesn't work

  • I noticed that in the calendar, the system treats all pm times as am times. Ie, if you create a meeting for 2pm, it is changed to say 2am. Also, changing the timezone doesn't seem to change the time displayed in the calendar, which is a bit weird also.

    Has anybody found a way to fix this, and has it been an issue for long? I'm trying to decide whether to recommend this to somebody but getting times wrong for meetings/calls is sort of a problem.

    I guess my biggest question is about how long this has been an issue and how often bugs get fixed in this CRM

    (I'll also make a bug report on their github if I can find it)

    Edit: timezone seems to work after logging out and logging back in

  • Staff

    Just tried to reproduce this in our instance, but it seems to work there.
    Have you changed anything in /#Admin/settings -> locale section?

  • Nothing at first. After finding I couldn't create PM meetings, I tried setting the time zone and it didn't seem to do anything. After logging out and logging back in though, the time zone may have taken effect, but I still can't make events in the PM.

    If I drag an event from the AM to the PM, it seems to stay in pm though.

    Also, if I change a meeting time from 1am to 1pm, the form says that there was no change and won't let me submit; this was for creating meetings iirc. I think their not reading the am/pm part of the form.

    If it works for you however, I wonder if its my browser? I tried it in both brave and firefox though, same result

  • Staff

    Can you try restarting the app? I think that rebuilds the backend and clears the cache.