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Webcatalogapp for Browser WebApps for your FOSS Apps

  • Sort of related to Cloudron, and I've dropped the link in a couple of threads, so I thought it might be useful to more to highlight is as a thread and answer and Qs from my experience with it. (not an affiliate, just a fan and it's good to see it evolve based on GitHub feedback)

    Basically saves you from multi-broser-multi-tab madness. All my frequent go-to apps I make a web app wrapper for to quickly cmd/alt-tab between.

    I use the default Electron in 99% of cases as I just find it more CPU & Memory efficient than the other options, and often more useful that the official webapps from vendors, eg: Discord & Slack I recreate.

    Also handy when you want to stay logged into the same app with multiple user IDs.

    Hope it helps some and is in the spirit of what everyone's up to here for software liberation and computering efficiency sanity.

    Lemme know any Qs...

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