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Changes to the referral system

  • Staff

    Hi everyone,

    just a heads up, we had to adjust our referral system, since it was already exploited by one user.

    So far, if someone signed up for a Cloudron subscription using a referral code, we would hand out credits (worth $30) to both parties. This meant the new customer would essentially get the first month for free when choosing the monthly premium plan. Unfortunately we had one user, creating new accounts and, using the same referral code, setting up many new subscriptions, while immediately cancelling those again. This again gave the account using that code everytime credits right away. This was not how we intended it to work.

    To prevent this from happening in the future, we have made one adjustment: The credits given to the owner of the used referral code, will now only be applied once the referred user was charged successfully the first time. In most cases this just means the second invoice when choosing monthly or like before immediately when the new user chooses the yearly plan.
    For new users, using a referral code, nothing changes.

    I hope the adjustment is understandable.


  • Very fair - there's always one eh! But I consider them free penetration testers 🙂

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