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First user

  • Hi folks,

    I'm not able to configure the first user.
    The instructions didn't tell anything about an admin user and when I configure the config.php to enable registrations, the registration-mail can't be sent.

    Is there a trick to get it working?

  • Staff


    TTRss is pre-setup to use the Cloudron user directory. So you should be able to simply login using the username and password of the account on your Cloudron.

  • Staff

    @SirFiChi It seems ttrss has moved SMTP mail to a plugin. I am fixing the package.

  • Staff

    @SirFiChi I have pushed an update. After applying the update, make sure you makes the two changes listed at to make registration work.

  • Thanks.

    I configured the use of the cloudron accounts, but TTRSS didn't used it.
    So, when I activate the external registration, then username check tells me that my cloudron account is available...

  • Staff

    @SirFiChi Not sure I understand. Are you saying that in your TTRSS installation, you are unable to login with Cloudron username/password? Can you try a fresh install and see if that is the case? (in case some configuration got messed up).

  • @girish I installed it new after your last post yesterday.
    I'm not able to login.
    So it looks like the bridge to the cloudron-user-table is broken.

  • Staff

    @SirFiChi Thanks for testing. It definitely works in 2 different Cloudrons here. Are you able to login to other apps? Can you double check you used password correctly (auto fill messing things up?). Finally, what is the username you are trying out with? Maybe the username is reserved by TTRSS. For example, some apps reserve some usernames but Cloudron doesn't (example: gitea will reserve usernames like pull/push/issue etc)

  • I installed it multiply times, but I can't login with the users "admin" and "fiji".
    I can grant you access to the installation if you want to have a closer look... (;

  • Staff

    @SirFiChi Yes, I would like to debug this further. Are you able to enable remote access (Support -> Enable Remote Support) and please drop me an email at with your domain name/IP ? Thanks!

  • Hey girsh,
    sorry for the late reply.
    I had contact with Johannes and someone fixed the problem.
    I can't find the Mail yet, but I believe in something like "I added the users and gave them new passwords....".
    Fun-fact: I can login with my cloudron username and password.

    So I installed a new instance to double-check, and there is the same problem.
    If it is a problem only my installation has, it's okay for me.
    I just wanna help if there a more users with the same issue. (;

  • Staff

    @SirFiChi Oh, I sent you a mail and a reminder as well, let me reforward you that email.

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