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Terraform new Cloudron VPS Instances

  • Very keen to see what Cloudron 6.0 brings for managing multiple Cloudron instances!

    It would be awesome to be able to connect to hosts that support Terraforming with an account API key, select server types and specs, and fire up new VMs with Cloudron ready to rock all from one interface.

    Bonus points for vertical scaling from Cloudron too.

    Suggesting this as a former user, still a, and rather like for clustered setups but it lacks the community and openness we needed.

    Would be much faster to fire up sandboxes and client setups that required isolation or alternative regions and providers.

    Of those I've tried, and have the best implementation of this I've used, although Cloudways was always quite behind the curve for options and support when we used them.

    I don't know if you already have something like this planned but if you like I'm sure all the major hosts have terraform templates and and would be my preferred first options.

    Love what you guys are doing and this might almost be the last of my big feature requests and suggestions since I've already loaded up the Apps Wishlist with the best of the apps I've worked with.

    Get through all that and our team would be very happy! There might be a few that can contribute too if I can free them up from the web dev side of things.

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