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SOLVED Calendar event email invites are not sent

  • Hi all,

    I've setup a Nextcloud installation using Cloudron. I've been running and managing my own NC instance for ~3-4 years with 5-6 users so I'm reasonably experienced with fixing stuff.

    I'm trying out the calendar app at the moment. I've found that when I create an event, email invites are not being sent to the invited people.

    Steps to replicate:

    1. create calendar event in Nextcloud's users calendar
    2. add email address to attendees
    3. click save

    Expected behaviour:
    Within a few minutes invited attendee gets email invite to event.

    Actual behaviour:
    No invite is received by invited party.


    1. I've confirmed the Nextcloud email config is working - I can send a test email from the interface below:

    Nextcloud email interface

    And I can confirm the test email is received at the correct external email address.

    1. When I look in the logs, the only errors generated around the time I created the event are these:
    [lib] Error: ResourceLocator can not find a web root (root: /app/data/apps/settings, file: css/settings/7d23-c532-settings.css?v=b92d206521717acXXXf8aa58d3c7ff2f, webRoot: , throw: true)
    GET /settings/admin/logging
    from XX.ZZZ.YYY.QQQ by bernat at 2020-08-05T08:47:29+00:00
    [lib] Error: ResourceLocator can not find a web root (root: /app/data/apps/notifications, file: css/notifications/b1d7-c532-styles.css?v=b92d206521717acXXXf8aa58d3c7ff2f, webRoot: , throw: true)
    GET /settings/admin/logging
    from XXX.ZZZ.YYY.QQQ by bernat at 2020-08-05T08:47:29+00:00

    (To me, these don't look like they're related to this issue.)

    I'm not as familiar with Cloudron so I expect I've missed something.

    I'd appreciate any help.


  • Staff

    @ei8fdb There seems to a be lot of posts related to this in the nextcloud forum - notifications for calendar . I think the biggest question is if this feature even implemented? Are you assuming that the calendar app has email invite feature?

  • Staff

    Just tried it out and it works here.


    Can you check the Email event log to see if any email is being attempted? It's under the Email view.

  • @girish Thanks for replying.

    I'm currently travelling and my non-Cloudron Nextcloud instance is not reachable (hence me now setting up a NC on Cloudron on a VPS) but I'm 99.99% sure this feature works well on the version it's on (I think 18)

    I've just created an event in the default calendar and invited an external test account. When I look under Email event log I see the following:

    alt text

    There is no mention of email being queued or delivered for this calendar invite. The queued/delivered email from "13 minutes ago" was me testing sending email by clicking the "Send Test email" action (the test email was delivered successfully) in the next screenshot below.

    When I check the email server status it shows:
    alt text

    There is an issue with a pointer record for the my.apps.DOMAIN domain:
    alt text

    (As I understand it this record doesn't affect outbound mail)

    For outbound email I am using the built-in server (as default).

    Any help greatly appreciated!

  • Staff

    @ei8fdb said in Calendar event email invites are not sent:

    (As I understand it this record doesn't affect outbound mail)

    It totally does! In fact, it's one of the most important things you can do for better deliverability. But this is not the issue here though, you will atleast see an event in the mail logs that an outbound mail was sent (and the receiving server might rejects since you don't have PTR record).

    Some obvious things to look for is if your nextcloud profile has an email address and also if you are creating events in the future. Another thing is to click the logs button in the Email view. Keep that window open and then send an invite. Do you see anything in the raw logs?

  • @girish OK so I've figured out what causes the email not to be sent - Nextcloud doesn't seem to support sending mail from a user address with "+TEXT" in it.

    In my original email address (set in the NC user interface was bernard+work@domain.tld) - I use +work to manage my work/non-work email.

    I removed the +work in the address in the interface, and it works. I see mail being queued and delivered, and then successfully received.

    just now 	Delivered mail to b+test@domain.tld from
    just now 	Queued mail for delivery to b+test@domain.tld from

    I've also tried this in a commercially hosted Nextcloud instance and confirmed this happens there also.

    So - this issue is a Nextcloud issue and not Cloudron related.

    Apologies for opening the issue! I'll open the issue in Nextcloud forums.

  • Staff

    @ei8fdb If you end up posting an issue or in their forum, feel free to link it here. Thanks!

  • @girish Here you go. No answer yet.

    If I don't get an answer I might post it in the GitHub repo, as I don't think it's something a user can fix.