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SOLVED Internal shares broken after upgrade 18.x to 19.0.1

  • I upgraded from an old cloudron (5.2.x) to 5.4.1 in steps and meanwhile upgraded my nextcloud instance as the update became available to 19.0.1.

    Since then, my shares with other cloudron LDAP users are broken in a weird way

    • They can see them under the "Shares" tab but cannot access them
    • The shares do not show up on their landing page anymore
    • When I (the owner) try to share the folder again with them, I get the error "Path is already shared with this user" in http response)
    • The users with whom the folder was shared before the update are not listed anymore in the list "others with access" list
    • adding new users to the share works as expected

    Did anyone else experience this issue? I don't expect the cloudron devs to act here, it's probably nothing within their reach.

  • Staff

    @dfldadm Something to try might be to disable any plugins you have installed and see if it helps. Does reverting to the previous backup sort out the issue? If so, what you can do is something like this:

    1. make a backup of the app in it's current state.
    2. revert to nc 18, so you have it all working again
    3. disable automatic updates for the app
    4. create a clone from nc from the backup of step 0 to another location. use this to experiment with plugins and various commands to figure out what the issue is.