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Human Connection - social network for active citizenship


    Human Connection is a nonprofit social, action and knowledge network that connects information to action and promotes positive local and global change in all areas of life.

    Social: Interact with other people not just by commenting their posts, but by providing Pro & Contra arguments, give a Versus or ask them by integrated Chat or Let's Talk
    Knowledge: Read articles about interesting topics and find related posts in the More Info tab or by Filtering based on Categories and Tagging or by using the Fulltext Search.
    Action: Don't just read about how to make the world a better place, but come into Action by following provided suggestions on the Action tab provided by other people or Organisations.

    it is still in development, but has a stable and fully functional server app.

  • Good to see people having a go at redesigning social media. The pro & contra idea for interaction instead of comments is pretty cool. I've seen that working well on another site.