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  • I'm new with mods and Forge, but for several days I started to use some mods for Minecraft and I have one question. Should I use the Latest or the Recommended version of Minecraft Forge?

  • Staff

    I am not 100% sure but I think the minecraft app on Cloudron does not support mods. I could be wrong though, @nebulon knows better.

  • Staff

    To be honest I am not really sure if this is server related. The shader mods are certainly only for the client and regarding Minecraft Forge I also think this is a mod to the Minecraft Java client as such.

  • Hey @Mazekien

    minecraft server and minecraft client can have diferent mod or having just on one side, but you need to check on compatibility.

    You can find 3 kind of mod type:

    Forge and Fabric are incompatible, but you can use Fabric/Forge mod with Vanilla Datapack.
    Optifine is a alternative graphic engine for Minecraft that most of the shaders are made for.

    Optifine is not compatible with fabric, but can be load in to Vanilla Minecraft or Forge Minecraft.

    Cloudron support just Vanilla Datapack, not any other mod loader (forge or fabric) but been Optifine Client-Only it will work.
    But if u wont to add mod that you find on Curse/Twitch you need to w8 later September we will release some version of minecraft apps for cloudron that support Forge/Fabric mod.