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Connect to Jellyfin with external app (iOS) failes

  • Hi,

    did anyone succeeded in connecting the iOS Jellyfin app to the server?

    Whatever I try, I get a "Could not connect to server" error. Also with the default custom ports like 8096 and 8920.

  • Solved!

    You can reach Jellyfin via web just by the URL, I found out to reach it by app you need to add /jellyfin to the URL!

  • I found the iOS app lacking (it doesnt automatically switch tracks when locked). This is problematic when driving ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have Infuse Player PRO but it doesnt seem to connect to my Jellyfin instance.

  • @atrilahiji right, I found out too, as music player itโ€™s useless, it stops as soon as the phone screen goes out. Also build in AirPlay is not available.

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