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    @girish said in iOS 14.1 can not login, everywhere else works:

    @privsec Do you have an app installed on ? It doesn't look like you have any app installed there? Looks like just the DNS points to the server.

    (If it's not clear, when you install an app, leave the location field empty. When you leave the location field empty, it will install the app to

    Gosh darn it.


    I did it for a previous issue, and then changed it and then checked the SSL. I will leave this (An app on the bare domain) as the setup currently. Thank you.

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    @girish Sorry for the late reply, I the default forum settings were to send me email notifications once a week, I have changed that to daily.

    I was trying to use the self-signed certificate for all apps.

    I have gone ahead and followed the steps in the blog article I linked to and was able to upload the full CA and web server cert chain to Cloudron and after getting the root certificate authority into all the devices accessing Cloudron everything is working well from Windows and iOS based devices.

    It looks like Apple is going to be decreasing the certificate lifetime further down to 398 days so you may want to lower the lifetime down to a year to get ahead of that change.

  • Syncthing on iOS

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    I’ve gotten Möbius set up in the meantime and it’s quite promising so far. My core use case works, which is syncing a few markdown files between my Mac and iPhone, so I can edit with Vim in the Mac and iaWriter on the phone, keeping them in sync as I do. This has so far been impossible for me to set up in any usable way (without resorting to Dropbox or iCloud), so syncthing and Möbius are really looking good.

    Here are a couple issues and questions I’ve run into along the way:

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    @atrilahiji right, I found out too, as music player it’s useless, it stops as soon as the phone screen goes out. Also build in AirPlay is not available.

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    @necrevistonnezr said in How does spam work with special mail folders?:

    @girish Wouldn't it make sense to create hardlinks instead of symlinks for these folders so that you don't have duplicate folders? Ar am I overlooking something?

    The cloudron backup logic does not understand hardlinks. It would then end up taking backup of your junk folder twice. This is unlike symlinks which is ignored by the backup code. Neither the symlink nor the contents of a symlink are backed up.

    This does bring up an important point that if you move your mail server to a different server, you have to remember to create this symlink by hand again!