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Redis & Managed & Un-Managed Wordpress

  • Let's say I have a dozen of managed wordpress and a dozen of unmanaged wordpress that were installed in the last 2 years, I suspect some of these wordpress are not yet using the new Redis cache system, don't have the plugin installed etc..

    What is the best approach to bring this plugin to all my wordpress, managed and unmanaged ?
    is there any configuration I have to do manually or simply having the plugin the container will configure it on restart like any addon ?

    grateful if you can give me some details on how to bring all the wordpress up to date :🙏

  • Staff

    @rmdes I think you might have misunderstood my earlier post.

    Managed WP - there is no way to use redis on this. Even if you install the redis plugin, redis itself is not available to the app. But as also mentioned in the other post, redis provides an object level caching. It's kind of unlikely that it will make your site amazingly fast. Think of it as a cache for database objects. Given that in Cloudron's case, the database itself is local, redis access won't be magnitude faster than mysql.

    Unmanaged WP - these apps have redis enabled by default. In fact, there is no way to disable redis in these. There is a feature request to be able to dynamically turn on/off redis.

    With that explanation... do your current WP installations not reflect the above?