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Anyone else having trouble with searx not really working lately?

  • I've been using it as my primary search engine on my laptop and mobile for a while now. It's mostly been great, but in the last few days it mostly doesn't work 😞

    As in, it's started to take ages to load search results, and often doesn't give any results at all (Sorry message):


    Or often it gives an Error message informing me that some of the engines I'm using have timed out. eg


    Indeed, since Firefox updated on my mobile I've actually been unable to add it as a search engine on there again as it just tells me there is no response (I guess it's just too slow for Firefox to accept it exits 😞 )

    Is anyone else having similar issues?

    I tried turning off most engines which for a moment seem to improve things, but with further testing it didn't really seem to make much/ any difference 😕

  • @jdaviescoates

    Has anyone made any progress on this? I am running into the same issue after trying out searx for the first time. Reinstalling hasn't fixed anything.

  • @ericdrgn it started off working fine for me. Then basically stopped. After leaving it for ages it seems to work OK again. I think it may just be that the search engines it calls start blocking it but I've really no idea what's going on. I basically just decided to stop using it and reverted back to Duck Duck Go.

  • Been quite happy with the results from as my default for this sort of thing it it's any help. Not self-hosted but still a reasonable proxy from what I can tell.

  • That begs the question, is there a self-hosted front end where you specify the backend search engines to use to get results and the frontend displays them for you as a proxy?