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Version 4 beta is out! Bringing page performance metrics, improved performance, and more

  • Just a heads up that Version 4 beta is out for Matomo, should be an interesting update. From the email I received:

    "Matomo 4 beta includes significant changes to improve your Matomo experience

    These include:

    • Major security and privacy improvements
    • Matomo 4 requiring PHP 7.2.5 (for better security and performance)
    • Log importer now supporting Python 3.x (Log Analytics)
    • New page performance reports
    • Many bug fixes
    • Many changes to the API

    The list of other changes can be found in the changelog.

    Thank you everyone for helping us reach this milestone! We're incredibly grateful for all community members and contributors who helped with improvements, and our awesome team for all the fixes.

    A list of 276 tickets have been closed by more than 23 contributors!"

    More information here:

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