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SOLVED Jingo nginx installation problem

  • Hi!

    I'm trying to install jingo to my Cloudron server, but I've got the following error :
    "Nginx Error: Error reloading nginx: reload exited with code 1 signal null"
    I checked but everything seems right with my nginx.

    Do you have any idea on why it's happening ?


  • Staff

    @CarbonBee This looks like a local cloudron/server error and not app related. Can you check if systemctl reload nginx works on the server? If it does, just re-install the app and it should work. There is a race that if you issue multiple systemctl reloads in parallel, you get the error you got. It's very rare but happens. It could also happen if the reload genuinely failed because of some bad nginx config. You can check the output of journalctl -u nginx

  • Ok, it seems there is some issues in nginx conf files.
    The application/ ends brutally on

    # only serve up the status page if we get proxy gateway errors
    root /home/yellowtent/box/das

    And nginx tells me that

    invalid port in upstream ""

    for the jingo nginx conf.

    Any idea on what's going on?

  • I patch the with the missing part (taken from my other Cloudron server).
    I then uninstalled and re-installed jingo, and everything seems to work fine now.