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  • ⚠️ Note: Coindrop is in closed beta while we refine the user experience. Request an invite by DMing @coindrop_to on Twitter. ⚠
    Coindrop 💰

    Create a simple webpage for accepting payments & donations. Open-source, zero-fee, and free forever.

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    Problem ❓

    Senders and receivers of money need to agree on medium of exchange. With so many apps, currencies, and digital assets available to perform this service, it is not trivial to find the best payment method to use.

    Often, receivers will request a specific form of payment, but the potential sender does not have access to this form of payment, or it is not convenient for them. This causes unnecessary friction and potential abandonment of the transaction.
    Solution ✔

    Receivers create a Coindrop address e.g. and list all their accepted forms of payment. They publish/send the link as a substitute any time they would normally publish/send payment address(es) individually. The sender then chooses which to use according to their preference (typically in order to maximize convenience and minimize transaction fees).
    When/where to use it? 🕒

    • Does someone owe you money? ✔️ Send them your Coindrop link
    • Would you like to accept donations? ✔️ Create a Coindrop for your brand and share it on your website or social media profile
    • Do you provide services to customers in the real world and want to receive tips? ✔️ Add your Coindrop link or QR Code to your tip jar or business card

    Open-source 👀

    This software is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

    Looks worth following at least

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