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  • Staff

    Since Cloudron 6 will take a bit, we decided to push out changes we already have in our master branch as 5.6.2 (as discussed here). However, 5.6.2 had a postgresql addon bug that broke Matrix/Synapse, so we had to make a 5.6.3.

    Here's the full changelog:

    • Update docker to 19.03.12
    • Fix sorting of user listing in the UI
    • namecheap: fix crash when server returns invalid response
    • Unlink ghost file automatically on successful login
    • Bump mysql addon connection limit to 200
    • Fix install issue with apps that use VAAPI addon where /dev/dri may not be present
    • import: when importing filesystem backups, the input box is a path
    • firewall: fix race condition where blocklist was not added in correct position in the FORWARD chain
    • services: fix issue where services where scaled up/down too fast
    • turn: realm variable was not updated properly on dashboard change
    • nginx: add splash pages for IP based browser access
    • Give services panel a separate top-level view
    • Add app state filter
    • gcs: copy concurrency was not used
    • Mention why an app update cannot be applied and provide shortcut to start the app if stopped
    • Remove version from footer into the setting view
    • Give services panel a separate top-level view
    • postgresql: set collation order explicity when creating database to C.UTF-8 (for confluence)
    • rsync: fix error when a file goes missing during syncing
    • Pre-select app domain by default in the redirection drop down
    • robots: preseve leading and trailing whitespaces/newlines