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SOLVED Cloudron CLI option to not backup an app your updating first

  • Basically, I want a cloudron update --no-backup because that likewise takes time I could be using to develop. I make one line change and it backs up the whole app in order to install. I have hundreds of backups now for custom apps I develop.

    I thought turning off Automatic Updates would stop the cloudron update backup, but it doesn't. I actually want Automatic Backups on anyway, I just don't want to back up a whole app every time I make a singular line change so a --no-backup option would really help me.

  • Staff

    Not sure if you have seen that, but the cli already has exactly that option for updates. You can see those when running cloudron update --help

  • @nebulon said in Cloudron CLI option to not backup an app your updating first:

    cloudron update --help

    Omg, it's even the exact same wording as my suggestion. I think I embarrass myself on this forum too often. 😅

  • With this last thing, I know have the perfect flow for developing Cloudron apps. Thanks again for telling me about it @nebulon!