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  • Anyone here good (and I mean very good, my standards are tough 😉 ) at product landing page design?

    All Cloudron related.

    All content from the app providers.

    Must have strong written English, know about image quality and optimisation, embedding content, sales & marketing copywriting flow. Quite a bit of copy/pasting and html-cleaning (usually removing superfluous divs).

    A bit of YouTube trawling for relevant video content, which maybe later we can download and self-host too.

    All in Wordpress Admin. Maybe 20-30 pages of rich content to get through, up to about maybe 60-80 once we've done apps and move onto services.

    I can pay something but equally it's part of the cause for promoting Cloudron & System Admins, so it has to be more efficient than me doing these things.

    DM me, the work can be shared or multi-pass to absolutely perfect.

    Did I say standards are high? It'll be worth your while and the whole community I hope 🙂