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SOLVED Cannot change email user email address

  • Hello,

    Don't know if I'm missing something but I cannot change the user email address in Wekan. By default the address was that registered when the user signed up into Cloudron but I cannot see any way to change that.

    What I have tried:

    • Tried to change the address from the user "Edit Profile" function
    • Made sure I'm an admin on Wekan
    • in the admin panel > People: I edit a user (either myself or others) and I can change all field except username and email address
    • I have changed my primary email address on Cloudron but this had no effect on the email address in Wekan
    • In the Wekan admin panel I went to Accounts and switched "Allow email change" from No to Yes. This had no effect. I still cannot change addresses from the admin panel or directly from the user "Edit Profile" setting
  • Staff

    Similar to other apps, this depends on the LDAP plugin or integration the app provides. Have you tried to logout/login again? If that does not sync the user, this is likely a missing feature or a bug in the Wekan LDAP integration and we should report it upstream.

  • @nebulon Yes I logged in and out again (and forgot to say that, sorry).

    And ok, thanks for the info. I'll try to report upstream (I have tried to look for the issue in the upstream repository and could not find it)

    Actually before reporting, be good to see if anyone on here experience the same thing, just to rule out it's not something weird happening on my end

  • Staff

    @avatar1024 A workaround I found is:

    1. Go to admin panel > people
    2. Edit user. Change the auth type from LDAP to Password
    3. Save. And then Edit again. You can now change the email id
    4. Then you can switch back Password to LDAP.
  • Staff

    @avatar1024 I found the problem. I have made a PR upstream -

  • @girish Thanks Girish! Works perfectly 🙂 Nice one for submitting a PR already for this, impressive!

  • Staff

    @avatar1024 The patch was merged and I have updated the wekan package as well. Thanks for reporting.

  • Brill! Thanks for looking into it and managing to sort out that quick!