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SOLVED How to uninstall cloudron?

  • I've looked everywhere, and I can only find information on how to install cloudron, and how to uninstall apps. How can I go about uninstalling all of cloudron so I can perform setup again?

  • Staff

    Hi Ethan,

    there is no real uninstallation script or such for Cloudron as a whole. Given how usually one can simply reset the VPS directly much more easily, ensuring to start completely fresh, we have not focused on this. In your case, what is the reason to re-setup and does a VPS reset not work for you?


  • @ethan depends on your Hosting provider but for example at Contabo I simply go to the provider dashboard and re-install Ubuntu with one click, takes a few minutes and then SSH again on your VPS and you're back and ready to reinstall cloudron !

  • @nebulon Hi, I have Cloudron running in a VM under Proxmox, and since I (rather poor decision on my part) didn't take a backup of the VM before installing Cloudron, I don't easily have a "restore point". Whenever I install a new VM image, I have to manually configure the networking to use the right bridge, so just a hassle. Was hoping to avoid it, but clearly it's unavoidable.

    But understood, I ended up just deleting the VM's disk image and remaking it, just took awhile.

    tldr - my Cloudron install is on a VM on a dedicated server, not a VPS, and no restore point, so can't easily just "rollback".