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  • CouchPotato - Package Updates

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    Initial version
  • Abandonware?

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    @atridad Thanks for the heads up, the app is gone from our library as well.

  • Cannot connect to transmission

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    @ethanxrosen No worries 🙂 I hit the same problem a few months ago (however, I ended up basically never using CouchPotato to download stuff directly, instead basically only using it for post-processing, as it's not that good at it, and it's much less useful for movies than for TV shows)

    This caveat shoud however be noted in the CouchPotato documentation . @girish maybe you can add a line there that says that to use CouchPotato with Transmission, one has to use Black-hole?

  • How to use without getting warned?

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    Thanks for chiming in everyone. In the end I couldn't figure out how to set a destination folder, it kept defaulting to /home/cloudron, but I couldn't determine if that was / on the actual disk, or / within the app. And it just seemed like all the search options were mostly torrenting sites, so I just deleted it. I do torrent, but legit items like large iso's and the like. Cheers!