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  • OmekaS - Package Updates

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    Update Omeka S to 4.0.4 Full changelog Page titles were not properly escaped on the admin pages list for a site if viewed by lower-privilege users without permission to edit Lower-privilege users could view the info on other users' user edit pages Updated translations for Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, French and Mongolian
  • page template files - edit or not?

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    @timconsidine yes, it looks like the wordpress templates

  • What is the RAM usage for this?

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    @jeau For the PHP apps, we follow the customizable php.ini pattern. Line 26-29 basically. This way people can tweak those values as needed. One important thing to remember when packaging this way is that the app's WORKDIR has to be set to /app/code and not /app/data because apache behaves differently when it is started in a directory which has php.ini in it!