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    @nebulon said in Sonobus on Cloudron: High Quality Network Audio Streaming:

    Isn't this a desktop application?

    I guess it is. Sorry about that.

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    @girish said in Peertube audio-only transcoding with HLS, AV1, VP9 Transcoding - 2024 roadmap:

    Hardware support for transcoding is a different beast though (of which I don't have much idea about)

    On AMD, RDNA3 capable CPUs can do great transcoding. Contabo have AMD Ryzen 9 7900 VPS which can do AV1 encode.

    Peertube also supports runners, so you can send your transcoding to another server for transcoding. There is some great new kit for video transcoding now:

  • Owncast on Cloudron Tips

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    How Much Data Will Stream?

    There is a tool to help you calculate how much bandwidth will be used here:

    Of course be careful that you don't confuse Mbps (megabits per second) with MBps (MegaBytes per second).

    Your Host might distinguish between Ingress (data you send to the Cloudron) and Egress (data sent from your Cloudron to your audience.)

    Here is a tough question: What do companies mean when they say they allot you 1TB of bandwidth? If you only stream once a month, for example, and from beginning to end of your recording is 1GB, could you have a maximum of 1024 viewers for your audience?

    Or does it mean you could loop the recording and play it 1024 times to as many people as wanted to see it? Or what?