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  • Cloudron Business Idea: VPN

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    Cloudron seems to be using a very similar marketing strategy already, though arguably not advertising it adequately:

    Cloudron - Complete Mail Solution

    Whilst on this topic, some hosts are a bit nervous about Cloudron's email capability, or perhaps they are just nervous in general about email. (I think they don't want mass-mailing, emailing of newsletters, etc.) Perhaps somebody could give us some guidance or suggestions related to this?

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    @Thulani I have Moodle installed in the LAMP app; it looks like something like OrangeHRM, and even Sentrifugo, is also installable via the LAMP app. I'll give them a whirl and see if they are.

    (some time later...) Ok, both Sentrifugo and OrangeHRM installed fine; there was a bit of a trial and error setting up email correctly with Sentrifugo but it worked out. Sentrifugo is running well now on the LAMP app with just 256MB ram; OrangeHRm keeps giving me weird SQL errors when adding (but failing) new employees (SQLSTATE[22007]: Invalid datetime format: 1292 Incorrect datetime value: '2020-06-13 09:53:34pm' for column 'created_date' at row 1) and other error messages.