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  • Install script fails - maybe nameserver/dns

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    I wanted to let you know how I got everything to work, it might help other users.

    The initial issue was about DNS resolution. The quick fix is indeed to use the forward-everything option in unboud but with the previously used dns server. To find that value you just need to do a resolvectl and look at the value of the Current dns servers. In my case it was (the one that was linked to my vpn on the host machine of the server). That is enough to fix the installation script losing internet.

    For the Configuration error: Domain resolves to ["XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX"] instead of IPv4 XX.XX.XX.XX the quick fix in my case (home server not directly exposed to the internet) was to install an openvpn server on the vps server ( and an openvpn client on my home server so that my home server gets the vps's IP address. In this setup you I also need a reverse proxy to expose the 80 and 443 ports from the home server to the vps.

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    Hi @JOduMonT,

    I ran Cloudron with a combination of Tailscale & Cloudflared for two weeks without a public IP at my home setup. So far, everything was working well and I didn't encounter any significant issues. Below is the process that I followed:

    1# I had two servers - one for Cloudron and the second with docker and docker-compose. Tailscale was installed and configured with Tailscale IP on both servers. The automatic domain configured was disabled in Cloudron and was set manually.

    2# I ran the docker-compose.yml file on the second server using the following:

    version: '3.8' services: tunnel: image: '' container_name: tunnel hostname: tunnel restart: unless-stopped user: 1000:1000 env_file: - $PWD/tunnel.env volumes: - /etc/timezone:/etc/timezone:ro command: tunnel run network_mode: host TUNNEL_TOKEN={TUNNEL-TOKEN}

    3# I set up and configured the domain in the Cloudflared UI, and used HTTPS for the Cloudron Tailscale IP with No TLS Verify enabled.

  • Cloudron Business Idea: VPN

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    Cloudron seems to be using a very similar marketing strategy already, though arguably not advertising it adequately:

    Cloudron - Complete Mail Solution

    Whilst on this topic, some hosts are a bit nervous about Cloudron's email capability, or perhaps they are just nervous in general about email. (I think they don't want mass-mailing, emailing of newsletters, etc.) Perhaps somebody could give us some guidance or suggestions related to this?

  • Zerotier Network Controller

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    This is a great app. It allows secure network to be made between devices easily. I can host a NextCloud instance at home and access it effortlessly from anywhere using Zerotier.

    The Controller can be insalled on a Cloudron instance on VPS.

  • Can we restrict access to apps behind the OpenVPN app?

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    Hey guys, still alive over here. 😂 Busier than usual this time of year, but happy to help out if you guys need anything. I don't have time to read the whole thread but if anyone has any questions or needs the latest OpenVPN Client (Beta), let me know and I'll package something up for somebody with instructions for the hot fix using the semi-official hot fix tool.

    I haven't posted in here in awhile because I need to update my hot fix for 6.0 and until I do that, it has to run on v5.6.3 so I've just been waiting to find time to update the hot fix. Though ideally @girish and I will make have a solid game plan as to how he wants the VPN Client integrated in Cloudron whether as an app itself or an app setting a file chooser to pick a .ovpn file to "connect" an app to (admittedly I think this gives users the most conveyance of the feature - it's up to @girish and @nebulon on that decision, but I'll go in either direction they want).

  • Outline (Shadowsocks)

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