Hey Marcus,

yes and no, OLS/LS is objectively more efficient over apache, and this make it more performant then apache.
Berceuse as Nginx it can serve static file without wake up a php, that apache is using for every request on a WP.
But as i already say sometimes a good server lvl optimization of nginx is performing as well but is not easy to setup, OLS or LS offer LSCache to do all the config from WP dashboard.

WP plugin are not the best way to go, because they just let the call be managed by a PHP, many like Cache enabler, just create a HTML copy of the website, that is more performant no elaboration needed by db or php, but if you use apache you will wake up PHP anyway so CPU and RAM wasted.

We are in Open Beta for OLS, if you want we can provide you the image.
But for now the code is closed sourse, it will be realise with a custom licenses that is open source but not commercially usable by MSP or ISP to offer WordPress as a Service or PaaS.