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  • tmpfs support in the manifest

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    @MooCloud_Matt said in tmpfs support in the manifest:

    you mean for a private docker registry ?

    Though I could do that yes, I was speaking more in terms to an actual alternative App Store, private or public registries wouldn’t matter. I’d probably originally make it only public registries at first.

    Like, I’ve been wanting to create Dot the Repair Bot Cloudron app but it’s more of a Cloudron add-on and probably doesn’t belong in the official store (maybe, not sure). But if it didn’t and I still wanted it to be accessible - I could build an alternative App Store with the docker add-on and put apps on there.

    Orrrr, the official App Store could gain sources in which case I would just host a JSON file on BackBlaze and give people the source’s URL to use and it would pop up in the store as a third party app.

    It would make beta testing apps with people wildly easier if the Cloudron App Store allowed for more “app sources” than just its hard coded internal source that @girish and @nebulon maintain alone.

  • OpenLiteSpeed Wordpress

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    @robi ElasticPress is the plugin, that has a setting for pointing at the packaged ElasticSearch Cloudron App.