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    @girish said in All previous folders and files have disappeared after migrating Nextcloud to a different Cloudron server:

    Alternately, you have to wait for us to investigate if the situation has changed wrt migrating users from uid based installations .

    Out of interest (because it came up again here did you ever get around to investigating this?

    And re "uid based installations" - is that some legacy thing? i.e. are there non-"uid based installations" - and were you referring to installations of Nextcloud or installations of Cloudron? 🙂

    I'm thinking/ hoping that perhaps you meant uid installations of Nextcloud and that was a legacy thing and now they aren't like that and perhaps Nextcloud is portable from one Cloudron server to another? But I'm not at all clear 🙂

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    @girish aftering giving both redis and the app a load more memory the import worked fine. I don't know why I didn't just try that before to be honest.

    I'm not sure how it managed to half-work before so that the apps was running and the import seemed to have worked, but without the users, but I've just done the back import again and the users have re-appeared, so panic over. Phew.

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    @girish said in Best practice for migrating apps from one Cloudron to another?:

    Ah! I misread your issue then.

    Yeah, I think you missed or misread this bit:

    @jdaviescoates said in Best practice for migrating apps from one Cloudron to another?:

    But the odd thing is that in the App Email settings on the old server it has always been and is still

    I can only guess that it was working there because I had set-up the required email addresses that are set in the portal settings in Ghost:


    I guess when Cloudron couldn't find that mailbox on the new server it tried to just send as '' instead? 🤷

    But yeah, as you say, would be good to somehow remind users this might need to be done too, like you say:

    @girish said in Best practice for migrating apps from one Cloudron to another?:

    Mmmm... I wonder how the user can be reminded of this. I think for a start having this in the doc page as a checklist (which is what this thread is about!) will help.

    Agreed 🙂

    But maybe whenever importing an app a pop-up could appear saying something like "you might also need to recreate mailboxes on this domain" or something? 🤷

  • Migrating entire Cloudron from AWS to GCP

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    @plains-digital yes, you can also restore app by app. . But obviously, restoring entire server via backup is far simpler.

  • Migrate standalone Mastodon instance into/out of Cloudron

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    While there are no mastodon specific notes on importing, there is one guide at for importing postgres apps (which mastodon uses).

    For exporting, one can make a backup of the app and will have the db dump part of the backup together with all other data.