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  • Rainloop vs SoGo

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    Only recently did Calendar and aliases start working reliably in the Cloudron SOGo package. I think mailbox sharing still doesn't work but it's in our TODO list.

    Because of this, my personal and email setup doesn't use SOGo. @nebulon and I both use thunderbird for day to day use. We have a rainloop installation just to manage our mail filters (in my personal install, I use roundcube for this instead just for variety 🙂 ). This too was because thunderbird's sieve extension was previously not working with Cloudron Email. That problem has since been fixed but thunderbird's sieve extension is not very user friendly, so we stick to rainloop/roundcube. For calendar/contacts, we use our Nextcloud's caldav/carddav. Both Gnome and Thunderbird, have excellent integrations for caldav/carddav. One important consideration here is that we moved out of another provider which let us export carddav. Nextcloud has an importer that works, I haven't tested out the importers of other apps.

    Shared mailboxes (like sales@, support@) was quite complicated with thunderbird (because the mail read/unread flag is not per-user). You also have to configure thunderbird to bcc replies so that the other user can see the replies. Recently, we have moved our shared mailboxes to freescout to solve this.

    I don't know if this directly answers the question 🙂 I do think if SOGo was in the state it was now when we started, we probably would have used that from the get-go.

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    To explain...:

    When you add a domain in Cloudron, you are just adding a domain for installing apps under that domain. The only DNS configuration it will do is to fix up the SPF record so that Cloudron can send mail on behalf of that domain (it adds itself to an existing SPF record). So, if you install say gitlab, gitlab can send mail to you.

    When you go to Email -> Enable Incoming mail, at that point, Cloudron will start receiving incoming email for that domain. It will setup DKIM/MX/DMARC records as well at this point.

    You can send/receive email without any of the webmail apps (rainloop, roundcube) installed. The webmail apps are really just frontends just like thunderbird or your android/ios mail client. On Cloudron, we pre-configure these apps to work only with Cloudron email. We could make a package that does not do this but that use case is quite rare because most email providers have their own web ui anyway.

    I think @necrevistonnezr just wants to add a domain into rainloop. This is the equivalent of adding an account in thunderbird. It has no effect on Cloudron mail server whatsoever.

  • Rainloop warning in Nextcloud

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    @girish Thanks!