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  • Scaling Cloudron?

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    While looking at something different in the documentation i came across the following statement in

    Design your application runtime for concurrent use by 100s of users. The Cloudron is not designed for concurrent access by 1000s of users

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    Jelastic seams to be a close source version of Harvester on steroid.

    From what I understand, Jelastic and Harvester are kind of MetaOrchestror in the sense they can manage VM, Container, Docker Image/Swarm and Kubernetes Cluster.

    So in a sense; it is possible to install Cloudron inside Jelastic, or Harvester, since these can emulate an Ubuntu VM inside a Container (introduced by Rancher years ago).

    What Jelastic seams to bring on top of this MetaOrchestror Concept is few important points, that I would be please to see in Cloudron.

    Jelastic provide a billing and fencing concept called pay what you use, let's do an example ::
    Let's say we deploy Nextcloud for a client.

    In Jelastic you will be able to reserve elastically resources (CPU, MEM, HD) such as having a minimum and a maximum which help you to figure how much it will cost you at the end of the month.

    I mean Cloudron have something similar, but it is a little more abstract when it comes time to money.

    Also Jelastic will lets you build bloc by bloc your application such as
    Nextcloud is the application
    but you could choose MariaDB or PostgreSQL as DB
    and MemCache or Redis for caching
    and add or not Varnish
    and choose between Apache, Nginx or HaProxy

    Where in Cloudron developers make that choice for you which obviously have PROS and CONS in both world.

    So anyway, yes it is possible to run Cloudron inside Jelastic by deploying an Elastic-VPS with Ubuntu

  • Scaling / High Availability Cloudron Setup

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    @marcusquinn not yet, plan on dabbling with it soon though. Another interesting project where I actually found k0s: learned of from the Penpot team lol