Tellform - open source alternative to Typeform

  • This would have been a nice addition of a type we don't have yet, unfortunately they are looking for new maintainers: If this can be resolved we should maybe take another look

  • @nebulon I found this page. does this work?

    Typeform is way too expensive and also the Gravityform for WordPress is getting more expensive year by year. I believe a lot of business will love Tellform.

  • Their github page says:

    DEPRECATION WARNING UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. There are many oudated and vulnerable dependencies within this project and I recommend that you use this code repository for internal testing and development only.
    There were too many impassable hurdles to really continue forward at the pace that I was hoping with TellForm @leopere~ If you want to follow my progress on an alternative in the mean time check out or our Discord server. We managed to get the base Docker image fixed before forking the code so you can give this a try however not much has changed at the moment.
 it seems pretty dead to me. Have a look at for a fork. They are far away from a stable 1.0.0 release but the project looks very promising. Besides, I can not think of a good open source alternative so this would be very nice to have. 🙂

  • Agree with what @subven mentioned. Looking at their issue tracker, they are in the process of even discussing to move to angular2 or vuejs and are willing to break things for that as well, since they are far from a stable release (

    I guess we should keep an eye on this and wait for things to settle otherwise we end up in an update nightmare until they have stabilized their foundation.

  • Sure thing.

    (Damn, I'm very much looking forward to it as there are not so many good alternatives out there😂)

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