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SOLVED Mautic - Marketing Automation

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    Mautic is marketing automation software (email, social, & more). Install on your own website or create a free hosted account.
    The simple 3-step setup process takes less than 5 minutes and you'll be ready to reclaim control of your marketing.


    Social Media Marketing
    Engage your leads through powerful social media marketing. Listen to your target audience and interact directly with them on their social media platform.

    Effortlessly track both anonymous and known leads. Mautic provides in-depth and detailed lead tracking including page views, time spent on site, and specific interests. Once you’ve begun tracking, you can nurture those leads with an array of powerful processes and Mautic makes it easy.

    Flexible, easy-to-use campaign management and drip program creation. Build a campaign and define the actions and events your leads will follow. Automate the process of connecting with leads and nurturing them along the sales funnel.

    Design valuable forms for your campaign to collect information, build lists, give content or market your next webinar with the highly customizable form builder.

    Keep track of your lead’s activity and define point systems based on different actions. These points will allow you to trigger events like the sending of an email based on registration for a webinar.

    Use the data gathered from each of your campaigns to improve your marketing efforts. Detailed feedback of campaign reports let you improve and perfect your marketing.

  • This would be a killer addition for me.

    Seems there was some activity in the past but it came to a standstill. What needs to be done to make this happen?

  • @matthias we also would love to see Mautic on Cloudron. From what I can tell, the initial approach still stands:

    It seems like it does not yet address the issue of config pregeneration:

    However, I gave it a go and installed the above linked mautic-app project on one of our Cloudrons using:

    $: git clone ssh://
    $: cd mautic-app
    $: cloudron build
    $: cloudron install

    And I was able to get it running; don't know how stable it is though - and it probably uses an old version of Mautic:

    0_1525279600114_Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-02 um 18.43.12.png

    To make a long story short: To publish Mautic to the Cloudron App Store we need to

    1. Update Mautic to the latest & greatest version
    2. Address the preconfiguration issue (no setup page at first run of Mautic)
    3. Add some unit testing to ensure the app works correctly across restarts , updates & restores
    4. Hand it over to the Cloudron guys for publishing it to the App Store and maintain it from there on

    I'm currently bit short in time. It'll be awesome if you can give it a shot?

  • @nebulon
    Please encourage worldwide HTTPS usage.

    In this case:-

  • Added an issue on Mautic's GitHub repository, since there seems to be more activity than in the forum:

  • Started a new attempt to get this done here:

    Basically the whole setup stuff is done; including database setup and migration on updates.

    That said, only thing missing to get this published to the app store are some unit tests. Unfortunately I'm not a node/npm unit test master, so it would be awesome if someone can help out on this.

    As of now, the latest and greatest mautic can be installed manually using:

    $: git clone
    $: cd mautic-app
    $: cloudron build
    $: cloudron install

    UPDATE: And we may need to find a way to setup the database with an initial user, but without demo data.

  • Staff

    Thanks @marbetschar ! mautic has been requested many many times. So, would be great to have this listed in the store. I will try to write some tests to move this forward.

  • @girish you're very welcome! Feel free to join the repo and commit whichever code takes us closer to the app store 🙂

  • @girish I got a response regarding LDAP and/or initial setup. Seems for LDAP integration we'll need a "SAML SSO gateway". Do you have any experience with this? if not, what would be the suggested approach to get the packaging done?

    If we do not have LDAP integration I see two possible ways forward:

    1. leave things as they are right now (incl. initial demo data)
    2. or we try to figure out a way to setup the environment without demo data, but with an initial admin user

    However, having Mautic integrated with LDAP would be AWESOME!

    for details see:

  • @girish how to proceed to get mautic to the app store?

  • Staff

    Mautic is now published as an unstable app. Once we have some positive feedback and no major issues on installations, we will move it to supported stable apps listing.

    The package repository is at