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  • Hello,
    When I tried to add an external iCal (ex : Facebook Event or Facebook Birthday), I didn't see anything in SOGo.
    (Add and external iCal works in NextCloud)

    Also, logs looks OK (HTTP 200 from SOGo to Fb URL)

  • Staff

    Can you share a sample ical file which does not work, the ones I have tested and then imported into a calendar did work.
    Also it would help if you explain what exactly you did in SOGo.


  • Hello Nebulon,

    Due to privacy, I can't give you my ical but if you're on facebook, in the "event" menue, you will see on the right column in little 2 links to retrieve Facebook Event and Facebook Birthday and they won't work in SOGo 😞

  • Staff

    I understand, have you tried to consult the SOGo upstream project about this issue, as it is most likely an issue with the project itself, not with the way we package it for Cloudron.

  • I'm goign to check that, thank's 🙂

  • Firstly, my first issue is partially solved :
    It's impossible to sync from SOG to my external android a web calendar.

    For the second part, (probably cames from the fact that the URL doesn't finish by .ics), nothing found on the bugtracker.

  • Staff

    I will mark this as "solved" from our side, as this is SOGo internals and not related to the Cloudron package as such, from what I understand. Thanks for creating the upstream issue.