LetsEncrypt failing

  • Hello! Is anyone else having issues with Lets Encrypt failing SSL certs? Nothings been touched on the domain or Cloudron setup since initial install and I'm getting the below mail daily:

    Dear Cloudron Admin,

    The certificate for <domain name> could not be renewed.

    The Cloudron will attempt to renew the certificate every 12 hours
    until the certificate expires (at which point it will switch to
    using the fallback certificate).

    The error was:

    Unexpected status: invalid

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    Sent at: Mon, 16 Apr 2018 11:00:50 GMT

  • @thisiscowboy Can you tell us which version of Cloudron you are on? Is the app in question still installed and working? Also, how many apps do you have installed? It's possible that you hit the LE rate limit in which case the issue will get itself sorted out automatically in a week.

  • @girish Sure! I'm on 2.0.1, only one app installed - It's been failing for both the main app domain and the config subdomain for about a week now

  • @thisiscowboy Is incoming port 80 blocked by any chance? Let's Encrypt requires incoming port 80 to work. Also, is there a chance that the email that you provided as the admin email (the one under Account) is not valid? Let's Encrypt requires a valid email to issue and renew certificates.

    Otherwise, please do the following:

    1. open a terminal and run sudo journalctl -fa
    2. Click the pen/configure button of an app and click 'save' without making any changes.

    Please put the logs on https://paste.cloudron.io or send it support@cloudron.io. Thanks!

  • @thisiscowboy any update on this?

  • Hello! Sorry - yes inbound 80 is open. results of journalctl:

    No journal files were found.

  • This post is deleted!

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