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  • Hi Team,

    I am attempting to install Confluence using the documentation on this site. I keep getting stuck at the step that says "Use the cloudron logs to get database settings." Do I use the "Logs" button from the Cloudron UI? It isn't obvious to me what the database settings are from that output.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  • Staff

    Yes the "Logs" button should work, depending on how many log lines were already printed, you may have to click on "Download Full Logs". The output should look something like this from my test installation:

    Apr 18 07:09:41 ============================= Database Settings ===============================
    Apr 18 07:09:41 Driver Class Name: org.postgresql.Driver
    Apr 18 07:09:41 URL: jdbc:postgresql://postgresql:5432/db4ff8acc69b5343d1aeb81c9cd7a537d0
    Apr 18 07:09:41 User Name: user4ff8acc69b5343d1aeb81c9cd7a537d0
    Apr 18 07:09:41 Password: kb9D0cYIAS1zYbfk9jdV7ackxiSSOhZT27MBFjeZj6EcDQ5p7rhEQ8mKWWyWiCLmgAw2TxMBW6aP70rIlz1BoartEphrsH9egmanvUkeHIgHUQz5QUrPT0b1XKaUmdZH
    Apr 18 07:09:41 ===============================================================================
    Apr 18 07:09:41 =============================== LDAP Settings =================================
    Apr 18 07:09:41 Directory Type: LDAP
    Apr 18 07:09:41 Hostname:
    Apr 18 07:09:41 Port: 3002
    Apr 18 07:09:41 Use SSL: false (leave unchecked)
    Apr 18 07:09:41 Username: cn=4ff8acc6-9b53-43d1-aeb8-1c9cd7a537d0,ou=apps,dc=cloudron
    Apr 18 07:09:41 Password: 358ec183db0984374fe855192cb85e907d51031e8e9b02fd9bbfd89966054ee265c298f0b95c4a2cfbdd0ef31bf156d62112bafbb29f5c4582518f9c0405e8c7
    Apr 18 07:09:41 Copy User on Login: True
    Apr 18 07:09:41 Base DN: ou=users,dc=cloudron
    Apr 18 07:09:41 User Name Attribute: username
    Apr 18 07:09:41 User Schema Settings
    Apr 18 07:09:41 User Object Class: user
    Apr 18 07:09:41 User Object Filter: (objectcategory=person)
    Apr 18 07:09:41 User Unique ID Attribute: uid
    Apr 18 07:09:41 ===============================================================================
    Apr 18 07:09:41 =============================== SMTP Settings =================================
    Apr 18 07:09:41 From address:
    Apr 18 07:09:41 Server hostname: mail
    Apr 18 07:09:41 Server port: 2525
    Apr 18 07:09:41 User name:
    Apr 18 07:09:41 Password: nI2Q5pj4IpKBXhcrK2yiqJ9n6kLcS1PZBV6cj6DuwDLxmIDbU1IWO9BXSGJaWyjyLuhaRp5aWDYd5wDM79kOfnW9inCS3Lc_5qRt3qPcogXxKBRTCccgLu7LYZU4fnX9
    Apr 18 07:09:41 Use TLS: false (leave unchecked)
    Apr 18 07:09:41 ===============================================================================

    This should give you the correct database and futher configuration values for confluence. If you cannot find those even then, try to reconfigure the app and then redownload the logs.

  • Thanks, that worked! I appreciate the help. A couple additional things came up:

    1. The LDAP page on Confluence has a bunch of required fields that don't seem to be in the logs. Some of them appear to be answered on this page, but not all. For example, "directory type", "user name RDN attribute", and "user last name attribute".

    2. Would it be possible to update Confluence from 6.5.1 to the current version (6.8.1)? Atlassian has an official mobile app for Confluence now that works with this self-hosted version - but only starting at server version 6.8. Having access to that mobile app would be very useful.

    Thanks again!

  • @nebulon Just following up as to whether there were plans to update Confluence in the foreseeable future (to allow for use of their mobile app)?

  • Staff

    @FTLAUDMAN yes, we plan to keep it updated. We are a bit busy with the 2.1 release but since it's now out, we will get it updated this week.

  • That's great! Thank you!

  • @girish I'm sure you have all been really busy with 2.1 and 2.2 (and thanks for those!), but I'm wondering if an update for Confluence v6.9 is still being planned soon?

  • Hi @girish - just checking in on the status of this update. Thanks.

  • Staff

    @FTLAUDMAN sorry for the delay, will get to it for sure this week.

  • Staff

    @FTLAUDMAN We have pushed updates to Confluence. The mobile app also works.

  • @girish Thank you! I've been using it this past month and it works very well.

  • @FTLAUDMAN I'm wondering how did you manage to configure the LDAP access correctly.
    I'm a bit lost on what needs to be done to have Cloudron users able to log in..

    Edit: found it, it was buried in the full log and hard to read but after pasting the section to the Haste app
    I could easily configure and pass the test for LDAP settings.
    Now I'm trying to login with my user without success but it must be something I did incorrectly because the test passed just fine....searching 🙂