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  • Is there anyway to have the Redis connection details (address, port, password) remain the same on restarts rather then being regenerated every time?

    I'm using Invision Power forum software which allows you to configure your choice of caching software through their admin panel which generates a config.php file that needs to be uploaded to the software. The admin panel of course doesn't accept environment variables as valid input. If you change it after it is generated, the software knows it is different than what it expects and asks you to download and update it.

    So, I had it working by putting in the hardcoded address, port, and password but when the container got restarted, they were changed and broke the configuration.

    Kind of a pain if I need to manually regenerate the config.php file on every restart.

  • Staff

    @Rich Restarts do not regenerate the redis connection but an app update does make it regenerate the redis connection. We will fix it so that an app update does not change the redis connection information.

  • Staff

  • Staff

    @Rich this is now fixed in 2.3. DB and redis credentials are now preserved across restart/updates of an app.

  • Awesome. Thanks!