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  • Staff

    Starting today, we are making a Free Plan available. This plan will provide the
    complete Cloudron experience for 2 Apps and 5 users. This plan includes automatic
    updates and the Email solution. It's perfect suited for situations like:

    • Newly registered domains where one just wants to setup a web site and email
    • Users who just want to run a single app like NodeBB, GitLab or Rocket.Chat.

    Please note that this does not affect current paid users.

    You can see our latest pricing page here.

    See our blog post for some background.

  • This is excellent news, thank you!

  • This is great news. Cloudron could now compete as a free, open source, self hosted email solution

  • Very good! Thanks 🙂

  • What's about the "Pro Plan"? Will all existing customers get the "Basic Plan" and have to pay the higher price? In my account under "Subscriptions", "Basic" is stated but I booked the "Pro Plan". I didn't get any information about the (planned) price increase.

  • Staff

    @RoboMod We had a blog post here We will send out a newsletter to existing customers sometime this week. Note that price changes do not affect existing customers (so there is no price increase for you, if you are already a paying customer).

  • It'd be nice if the 20 apps limit could be more lenient. I didn't recall any app limits in the last pricing scheme

  • How do I go back to the old unsupported unlimited version???

    I have a ton of applications running already, and now they won't renew SSL certs. I am also unable to add more apps, to verify that the SSL is working or not.

    This is trashing existing users.

    I am this far from pulling the plug here. Freemium-sweetner-plan is what this is, not a real positive development for my use case.